Woodlander Workshop

Teacher Appreciation Christmas Ornament


Celebrate the unsung heroes of education with our exquisite Teacher Appreciation Christmas Ornament. Featuring a delicate apple design, it's the perfect gift for educators who inspire. This finely crafted ornament is more than just a seasonal decoration; it's a timeless token of gratitude for the educators who shape young minds with dedication and care.

Give the gift of gratitude this holiday season. Purchase the Teacher Appreciation Christmas Ornament and let your favorite educators know that their efforts are truly cherished. Because sometimes the most meaningful gifts don't come wrapped in fancy paper; they come from the heart.

- Handmade
- 1/4" Thick, Maple & Walnut Layers
- Unfinished wood
- Ribbon String
-Size: Width: 3.5 inches
          Height: 3.5 inches
          Depth: .25 inches