Woodlander Workshop

Sasquatch Wooden Ornament

Bring a touch of whimsical mystery to your Christmas tree this year with our latest creation, the Sasquatch Wooden Ornament. For those who revel in the legend of this elusive forest dweller or anyone who simply appreciates the quirky charm of Bigfoot, this unique ornament is the perfect addition to your tree's decor.

Whether you're a dedicated hiker, camper, or simply a believer in the extraordinary, this custom ornament will add a playful touch to your holiday celebrations, making it an ideal gift for fellow nature enthusiasts, hikers, or anyone with a penchant for the mysterious allure of Bigfoot.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hang a bit of whimsy and wonder on your tree this Christmas season! 

- 1/4" Maple and Walnut (Total Thickness)
- Unfinished wood
- Ribbon
- Size: 3.5" diameter
- Color may vary slightly due to the nature of wood