Woodlander Workshop

Personalized Female Marching Band Ornament

Step into the spotlight of your Band Mom era with our 'In My Band Mom Era' Girl Marching Band Ornament. This personalized custom sports ornament is not just a decoration; it's a heartwarming tribute to the dedication of band directors and teachers and the cherished memories of high school sports.

It's more than just an ornament; it's a keepsake that turns high school memories into a cherished gift. Make your holiday decor memorable and celebrate the girl marching band and the coaches who keep the tempo of success. Add this special kids ornament to your collection today and relive your Band Mom era with style!

- 1/4" Maple and Walnut (Total Thickness)
- Unfinished wood
- Ribbon
- Size: 3.5" diameter
- Color may vary slightly due to the nature of wood