Woodlander Workshop

Personalized Family Camping Ornament

Add a touch of natural wonder to your holiday traditions with our Christmas Camping Ornament. This personalized family camping ornament is a unique, heartfelt creation, bearing most loved family name and encapsulating the essence of your outdoor adventures. Crafted with care, it serves as more than just a Christmas ornament; it's a symbolic connection to the great outdoors, making it the perfect gift for families who embrace the beauty of nature and an enduring keepsake for camping and nature lovers alike.

Explore our collection now to discover the fusion of personalized charm, the allure of the mountains, and the lasting memories of family that will make this holiday season truly exceptional.

- 1/4" Maple and Walnut (Total Thickness)
- Unfinished wood
- Ribbon
- Size: 3.5" diameter
- Color may vary slightly due to the nature of wood