Woodlander Workshop

Hawaii Nickname Ornament


Meet our Hawaii "Aloha State" Nickname Ornament – a tropical treasure that brings the spirit of Aloha to your holiday festivities. Carefully crafted, this ornament is a visual ode to Hawaii's beauty, featuring vibrant hibiscus blooms, swaying palm trees, and the tranquil essence of the islands. Hang it on your tree, and let the "Aloha State" charm transform your home into a haven of Pacific serenity, making every moment of the holiday season as relaxing as a Hawaiian sunset.

Beyond a simple decoration, it's a reminder of the laid-back joy and warmth that Hawaii shares with the world. Add a touch of aloha to your holiday decor and let this ornament become a cherished part of your festive traditions, bringing the enchantment of the islands to your home.

- 1/4" Walnut & Maple (Total Thickness)
- Unfinished wood
- Ribbon
- Size: 3.5" diameter
- Color may vary slightly due to the nature of wood