Woodlander Workshop

Missouri Nickname Ornament


Meet the Ozark Ornament, a charming nod to Missouri, affectionately known as the "Show-Me State" and celebrated for the rugged beauty of the Ozark Mountains. This finely crafted ornament proudly features the state's unique nickname, capturing the essence of Missouri's enchanting landscapes and the serene allure of the Ozarks. Whether adorning your holiday tree or becoming a year-round fixture in your home, the Ozark Vista Ornament is more than a mere decoration; it's a small yet significant symbol of Missouri's natural splendor and the timeless spirit that echoes through the state's scenic terrains.

Don't miss the chance to bring a touch of Missouri pride into your home—a timeless reminder of the Show-Me State's rugged landscapes and the tranquil allure of the Ozarks.

- 1/4" Maple and Walnut (Total Thickness)
- Unfinished wood
- Ribbon
- Size: 3.5" diameter
- Color may vary slightly due to the nature of wood